Fizz Soda Bar, business feature

Fizz Soda Bar window. Photo by Raina Wiseman.

Fizz Soda Bar Offers Unique Drinks and Charity for East Tennessee

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn.— If you’re looking for a sweet treat that benefits your health and your community, Fizz Soda Bar has you covered. This locally-owned business offers floats, soda and ice cream that cater to different dietary needs and wants while helping a local animal shelter.

“We wanted to make sure that we had lots of options that were really indulgent and really exciting but were also not full of terrible things,” said Catelyn Pate, general manager of Fizz Soda Bar.

The soda bar uses homemade, small-batch ice cream from The Hop Ice Cream Café in Asheville, North Carolina. Fizz always has at least one vegan ice cream option to better cater to customers’ dietary needs and wants.

Sodas come from the Boylan Bottling company in New York City. The soda syrups use natural-flavors, no high-fructose sugar and pure sugar cane.

“There are people that are very health conscious that come in and they don’t feel as bad about indulging in something like this because it doesn’t have all of the artificial sugars and sweeteners,” said Pate.

Fizz Soda Bar also gives back to the community. The shop has a “Fursday Thursday.”  All tips and donations on Thursdays are donated to the Unicoi County Animal Shelter.

Fizz hosted a “Cookie Extravaganza” fundraiser in conjunction with the shelter in December 2016. Baked goods and specialty floats were available to raise money for the shelter.

“We are big animal lovers, and we love to help out with local pets as much as we can,” said Pate.

Fizz Soda Bar has 15 custom floats featured on its menu, but customers can make any drink combination as long as Fizz has the ingredients. There is a secret menu as well with favorite pre-made recipes.

“If there is something that we don’t have that you want, we’re more than happy to make it for you,” said Pate.

New, customer-created and featured floats and drinks are posted on Fizz Soda Bar’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Fizz Soda Bar is located at 207 East Main Street, Suite 1-D in downtown Johnson City. It is on the first level of Fountain Place building. The soda bar is open Wednesday though Sunday. Hours can be found on its website.

To learn more about Fizz Soda Bar, its drinks and how they are helping the community, visit its websiteFacebook or Instagram.

Buccaneer float at Fizz. Photo by Raina Wiseman.

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