Food trucks are a thing

Food Trucks and Fire Pits at the Well house, ETSU. Photo by Raina Wiseman.

A lot of things were surprising to me when I moved to Johnson City, but the number of food trucks was the strangest.

Growing up in a tiny county, I had never thought about food trucks as being actual, operating businesses. I knew they existed, of course, but not in a common way. I didn’t think I would ever live in a city where numerous trucks with interesting foods were scattered around.

Now that I know their popularity, I’m almost obsessed with them. I admittedly haven’t visited many food trucks, but the ones I have been to have kept my interest in them.

ETSU’s campus farmers market brings several food trucks and street food vendors. The Well, a ministry organization at ETSU, hosted a “Food Trucks and Fire Pits” event this past fall. There are even “Food Truck Junctions” set up. Food trucks are like a sub-culture of food around here.

The Tri-Cities area is home to all kinds of food trucks that serve everything from waffles and Caribbean food  to doughnuts  and ice cream sandwiches.

Maybe food trucks seem like no big deal to some, but I think they’re neat. They offer unique, mobile food by people who are passionate about their work.

Next time you see a food truck, stop by, try the food and support local businesses.


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