Food for thought: Dine and Rhyme


Donna Chlimon has taken her love for food and poetry and created a blog dedicated to uniting the two in savory works of written art.

Dine and Rhyme is essentially a place for literature-loving foodies to tell about their favorite places to eat. The blogger is based out of Chicago, Illinois, so most of her posts are from that area.

Contributions from readers are also accepted. In the first few pages of recent blog posts, Dine and Rhyme has poems written in California, Florida, Hawaii, the United Kingdom and Japan. Each post is uniquely different, and many provide information about the location of the restaurant and what makes the area significant.

Some of the blog’s posts include poems about Chicago’s Si-Pie Pizzeria, Ten Mile House and Kuma’s Corner.

This post, contributed from Hawaii, makes readers crave the shaved ice and provides information about local vernacular used in the poem.


If poems aren’t your cup of tea, Dine and Rhyme also creates vlogs about dining locations Chlimon visits. Recently, she posted a St. Patrick’s-themed poem and vlog of D4 Irish Pub and Cafe in Chicago. Check out the Dine and Vlog Youtube page for a complete collection of savory videos.

New posts are added every Wednesday, so check it out!

Be warned, you will be hungry after consuming Dine and Rhyme’s poems and vlogs.


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