Main Street Pizza Company soon to offer breakfast

Main Street Pizza Company of Johnson City announced March 7 it would begin serving breakfast in April.

Originally set to begin offering breakfast April 5, Main Street Pizza Company later announced it would not begin serving breakfast until April 12 at 8 a.m.

“We got our processes and new equipment approved by the Fire Marshall this week, and are just bout ready to roll it out. We will not quite make the original date. . . Sorry for the slight delay, but we want to do you right!” according to Main Street Pizza Company of Johnson City’s Facebook page.

Chicken and waffles, avocado toast and lox bagels as well as new beverages will be available as part of the new breakfast menu.

The company announced it would be hiring new staff for the breakfast shift on March 18. Anyone interested in working at the company may apply online.  Positions are available as cooks, servers and hosts.

The company recently won the Pie Wars contest held by the Young Professionals of the Tri-Cities.

Main Street Pizza Company is located at 300 East Main Street in downtown Johnson City and is every day of the week.


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