Food for thought: Appreciate the foods you hate

My sophomore year of high school I packed yogurt for lunch often. It’s an easy thing to throw into a lunchbox and requires very little assembly.

Then one week my mom bought Greek yogurt. I hate Greek yogurt. It is not even in the same category of what I consider yogurt.

It was that moment I stopped eating the stuff all together.



This is what I have had for breakfast the past three weeks.

I promise there is yogurt under all the fruit and granola.

My personal goal is to train myself to like it again. I know yogurt has a ton of health benefits, so I wanted to find a way to reintroduce it.

This photo was from the first week. It was mostly fruit and a small portion of yogurt. Each week since, I have decreased the amount of fruit and increased the yogurt, and it has worked for me.

I will not say I love it now, but I can tolerate it. Putting it with something I enjoy like fruit and a little granola has helped.

Many people have told me about foods that one bad experience ruined for them.

My challenge to any one reading this is to think of a food you have never liked, and give it another chance. You think chocolate ice cream tastes like chalk? (I’m guilty of this.) Give it one more shot.

Leave a comment with your similar experiences or stories about foods you can no longer stomach.




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