Food for thought: Appreciate the foods you hate

My sophomore year of high school I packed yogurt for lunch often. It’s an easy thing to throw into a lunchbox and requires very little assembly.

Then one week my mom bought Greek yogurt. I hate Greek yogurt. It is not even in the same category of what I consider yogurt.

It was that moment I stopped eating the stuff all together.



This is what I have had for breakfast the past three weeks.

I promise there is yogurt under all the fruit and granola.

My personal goal is to train myself to like it again. I know yogurt has a ton of health benefits, so I wanted to find a way to reintroduce it.

This photo was from the first week. It was mostly fruit and a small portion of yogurt. Each week since, I have decreased the amount of fruit and increased the yogurt, and it has worked for me.

I will not say I love it now, but I can tolerate it. Putting it with something I enjoy like fruit and a little granola has helped.

Many people have told me about foods that one bad experience ruined for them.

My challenge to any one reading this is to think of a food you have never liked, and give it another chance. You think chocolate ice cream tastes like chalk? (I’m guilty of this.) Give it one more shot.

Leave a comment with your similar experiences or stories about foods you can no longer stomach.




Food for thought: Erma Bombeck

“Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart.” -Erma Bombeck

Bone Fire Smokehouse BBQ sandwich. Abingdon, Virginia. Photo by Raina Wiseman.

Apparently, posting photos of your food on social media annoys some people. I never think this is annoying myself, but I do think people judge you for what you eat.

In a world of social media, it’s easy to think more selectively about our posts and how you can present yourself in the best way. People will probably think you’re more health-conscious if you post your salmon and asparagus instead of your Sweet Frog bowl.

A Sweet Frog bowl from my Instagram. Photo by Raina Wiseman.

But aren’t we all enjoy those unhealthy foods? Don’t we revel in the carbs? Don’t we get a kick out of them?

I think that’s what Bombeck means here. Why would we refuse the dessert cart if we really want it? Life is short. Why would we put off posting our beautiful pictures of fancy French toast at hole-in-the-wall restaurants we find just because our followers might think our eating habits are bad.

Some thigh-thickening french toast. Photo by Raina Wiseman.

I recently posted a picture of such a brunch on my Instagram profile, and someone commented that it looked “like the most satisfyingly thigh-thickening” French toast.

While I thought the comment was hilarious (because it’s true), I also found myself feeling like I needed to post about kale or something else super healthy to make up for it.

But let’s all agree to show what makes us happy or what we eat when we want something special.

Tiramisu cake. Photo by Raina Wiseman.

And as for food posts, I say keep ’em coming. Some people like to know what foods other people are trying.